In Search of Heaven

            on Earth in Kentucky

This fine "coffee-table" quality bicentennial edition has been seven years and 20,000 miles in the making.  Seeking to portray the nearly 500 independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in Kentucky, the author has made a seemingly endless journey across the vast reaches of the Commonwealth. 

The purpose of this collection of fine black and white photographs, plus narrative sketches of nearly 300 congregations in Kentucky, goes beyond the visual.  It seeks to explain in simple language just who these people are, in the process giving the reassurance that God's people are still faithful.  It is encouraging (amazing?) to know that hundreds of individual groups, independent of each other, different in personalities and backgrounds and environment and leadership skills and levels of maturity and resources--it is amazing to see the uniformity in belief that so many individual bodies of believers still share after two centuries of history.  It is a testimony to the idea that Christ's Church can indeed be ONE.

A brief introduction explains in simple terms these independent churches' plea for Christian unity based on a return to the pattern of the first century church.  The rich involvement that Kentucky has played in the development and heritage of the Restoration Movement is evident in the pages of narrative.

In Search of Heaven on Earth in Kentucky  celebrates the bicentennial of this movement to restore the church as it was established in the first century--a bicentennial of the declaration at Cane Ridge, Kentucky on June 28, 1804, "We will, that the people henceforth take the Bible as the only sure guide to heaven..."

Read what others have said about this new book, or better still, read pages 9 thru 17 from the book's introduction.

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