"a Holy Land tour"


Join the author in the trip of a lifetime, a Christian tour of the Holy Land.


After a lifetime of Bible study, countless hours of preparing Sunday School lessons, writing Bible Bowl questions, studying maps and time lines, and imagining what it must be like to walk where Jesus walked, God granted the desire of my heart--a visit to the Holy Land.  After months of study and thousands of photos this book finally began to take shape.  Its goal of sharing the experience with others is achieved in 195 pages of stunning color photographs, accompanied by insights shared by "the number one tour guide in Israel", as selected a number of times by The Travel Channel.


From the sound of enthusiastic applause as the plane first touches ground, to the parting communion service in the Garden Tomb, this digital-version book takes you on a week-long Christian tour of Israel.  Join the author as he seeks to be a good steward by sharing the experience with others who may never have the opportunity...or perhaps to help you get ready for your own trip.  That's what this book is about.


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2016 John E. Cornett

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